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you do not need to constantly justify yourself. go ahead. eat pancakes. eat a ton at dinner. eat ice cream sundaes at 1am. take a rest day. take six rest days. sleep in. watch a movie. watch ten movies. no explanations needed. you’re allowed to be kind to yourself.

Self care is sooo important

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Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? (via thedailypozitive)

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▷ Why “I Love You” Doesn’t Always Have To Be Spoken Aloud


When my grandmother first said “those” three words to my grandfather,

she said them by tossing a pinch of salt over her shoulder at their wedding.

When I first really said them, they were to myself as an apology

for nineteen years of viewing my body as a wound in need of a tourniquet,

or a grave in need of upheaval. Nineteen years of viewing my body

with the antonym of love and the synonym of dislike.

But when I met the first person I ever slept with, I said those three words

like bruises that would never heal.

They came out like a flock of moths instead of a stomach full of butterflies,

and they burned as they came.

But when he said it back, he said it with his palms

and they returned those three words to me through his fingers.

That was when I learned that scars don’t always have to speak,

that “I love you” doesn’t always have to take the form of words.

Because sometimes to repeat language is to deny it of its meaning,

just as calling all moons in the solar system by the same name

refuses them of the beauty that makes them unique.

My grandmother knew it long before she married my grandfather

and when she finally stepped up to the altar, she knew it then too.

So now when I say “I love you,” I say it in gestures and glances,

but mostly with forgiveness, just like I learned to forgive my body

for nineteen years of being a mistake.

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▷ Some Things You Need to Know in Order to Forgive Yourself


  1. Most pain is only temporary, but other kinds of pain rise and spread like yeast into something too dense for any stomach to handle. The seeds of pain are the seeds we sow with our own hands- when we view our bodies as mistakes or as places to carve map lines into without having a clue about the destination.
  2. Hands are the only parts of the body that speak real language. Whether they shake or remain still, whether they reach out or stay clenched, they reveal the entire universe.
  3. Some parents tell their children they’re beautiful because in the midst of a darkness that deep, they don’t know what else to say. It doesn’t mean their children aren’t really beautiful; it just means that sometimes words aren’t enough to close wounds.
  4. When a couple throws salt over their shoulder at a wedding, it doesn’t always symbolize a tradition or the start of a new life. In some cases, it just symbolizes a life being thrown away, a life both of them would rather have spent alone. Because sooner or later, we all end up wishing for silence.
  5. It’s not anarchy to love yourself. It’s forgiveness.
  6. Most of the time when someone lies awake at night and thinks about someone else so much that they’re unable to fall asleep, it’s because they’d rather be awake with the thought of another person besides themselves circling their head.
  7. Some people love until the very end. The ones who love from the very beginning are the rarest of all.
  8. That magic trick that involves an audience member’s body supposedly being cut in half is really just a metaphor for breakups. One half of your body is your own, and the other half belongs to the person you used to be with. The hardest part is learning how to get rid of their half and become yourself again.
  9. Tattoos represent all the words a person never had the courage to say aloud. Skin speaks louder than vocal cords ever could.
  10. Regret is more powerful than any poison.
  11. Sometimes home isn’t a place, but a person.
  12. Every neuron in the brain means something. Even though human beings are so complex, it’s still too simple to be sad.
  13. The greatest love affair you’ll ever miss out on is yourself.
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FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT you are allowed to feel proud of yourself for things that might seem silly to other people, like getting better at a video game or putting together a nice outfit for the next morning or finishing a book. You deserve to feel proud for your accomplishment.

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